Cave 4 at Qumran where many<br />Dead Sea Scrolls were Discovered
Cave 4 at Qumran where many
Dead Sea Scrolls were Discovered

The Foundation for Biblical Archaeology

is an IRS-Approved 501(c)(3) (a private, non-profit organization) established to Promote Biblical Archaeology as a Discipline by Raising Funds for Excavation, Publication, Research and Education. Contributions are Tax-Deductible to the Extent Allowed by Law.

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What is Biblical Archaeology?
Biblical Archaeology may best be described as the scientific recovery and investigation of the material remains of past cultures that can illuminate the historical Biblical period. Such investigation takes various forms and includes the study of architecture, language, literature, art, pottery, implements, and numerous other examples of material culture that have survived. For more than a century, archaeologists working in the Near East have painstakingly uncovered the past; shedding dramatic new light on the texts of the Bible and making its pages come alive as never before in history. Some of the more exciting finds of recent years made world headlines and captured the attention of both scholars and the public. Examples of significant finds include the House of David inscription, the crucified man, a Galilean fishing boat, the Qumran Ostracon, and The Dead Sea scrolls—just to name a few.

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Biblical Archaeology in Crisis
For the past two decades, dramatic cuts in funding have affected both field excavations and academic programs related to Biblical Archaeology. In response to this critical need, The Foundation for Biblical Archaeology was established to help provide funding for excavation, publication, research and education.

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Your Contributions at Work
Contributions to the Foundation for Biblical Archaeology are used to help support a variety of projects that include established excavations as well as new excavations conducted under the direction of some of the most-noted scholars in the field. Contributions are also used to support significant publications and to institute educational programs that will help ensure the future of Biblical Archaeology as a science.

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